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Take the next step in getting connected to the life of Colonial Hills

We believe discipleship happens best in groups that share life together. Connecting to a group of friends who can support, encourage and challenge you in your faith is an important early step in your journey with Christ. The best place to find that connection at Colonial Hills is in one of our Connect Groups. Below is a campus map and a list of our groups. If you need help finding or choosing a group to check out, you can find our Connection Team outside the Worship Center. We’ll help you find a group based on your age and preferred learning style.

Our Classes

Multi-Generational Groups

Pastor's Class (Lecture-based) - Age: Various - Teacher: Robert Carter - Family Life Center - F155

Ladies' Group (Lecture w/ discussion) - Age: All Ages - Teacher: Glenda Lauter -Family Life Center - F153

Life In Christ (Lecture w/ discussion) - Age: Various - Teacher: Matthew Chapman - South Building - S111

Young Adults

College (Discussion-based) - Age: 18+ - Teacher: Casey Lusk - Family Life Center F183

The Orchard (Discussion-based) - Age: 30+ - Teacher: Sam Davis - North Building - N222

Median Adults

8:1ers (Discussion-based) - Age:35+ - Teacher: Kurt & Keri Kitchings - North Building - N226

Chamberlain Class (Lecture and discussion mixed) - Age:35+ - Teacher: Johnny Burchfield - North Building - N221

Providential Partners (Lecture and discussion mixed) - Age 40+ - Teacher: Various - North Building - N225

Curtis Class (Discussion-based) - Age 45+ - Teacher: Janet Hurley - Family Life Center - F157

Woodward Class (Lecture w/ discussion) - Age 50+ - Teacher: Larry Robbins - North Buidling - N224

Encore! (55+)

Cornerstone (Lecture and discussion mixed) - Age: 50+ - Teacher: Dudley Holdeman - Family Life Center - F182

Lee Class (Lecture and discussion mixed) - Age: 55+ - Teacher: Ken Baxter - Family Life Center - F158

Prayer Warriors (Lecture w/ discussion) - Age: 60-80 - Teacher: Paul & Linda Williamson - Family Life Center - F164

LIFE Class (Lecture w/ discussion) - Age: 60+ - Teacher: Various - North Building - N217

Grace/Dayspring/Disciples (lecture/discussion) - Age 75+ - Teacher: Various - South Building - S117

Joy (Lecture w/ discussion) - Age: 75+ - Teacher: Ken White - Family Life Center - F154

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