Men's Ministry

Tyler's Band of Brothers

Our movement is one that has a “Complete Christian” focus. Colonial Hills Baptist Church is where we have many of our trainings, however our Band of Brothers fights against the separation that denominational differences have caused. We want men to become as God designed them. We believe that the influence of Godly men will then allow women to have less resistance in becoming the woman God designed them to be. All of that will give children examples to follow and hearts that have been handled well. That family model then will affect everything. God is using men, women and children to spread His Kingdom in businesses, schools, families, organizations, sports, etc. The church is the people that choose to engage and accept God’s call. Through bootcamps, weekly groups and trainings, we are seeing tremendous results in those areas! Come plug into the movement!


Fellowship opportunities like quarterly men’s breakfast and activities such as hunting, golf tournaments and fishing trips.  Ministry projects throughout the year including yard work at local women’s shelter and supporting church-wide activities. Bible study and small group meetings on topics including discipleship, parenting and marriage.

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