Car Show

Our 3rd Annual Car Show

East Texas has a thriving car community. Think of how many random car shows gather in shopping center parking lots or the number of Whataburgers that are hot rod themed. King Jesus is good, and the Car Show is the perfect opportunity to let people far from God see that.

We’re hosting our third car show to make Jesus famous with people who may not know him. There are opportunities for you to get involved by making food and showing off your chili, grilling, and dessert skills; by getting people parked where they need to be parked; setting up bounce houses and tables out on the lawn; and by engaging people directly to get involved with CHBC. We’ll have a regular schedule that day but with a shortened 11:00 service, so we can welcome our guests. Sign up to get involved in your Sunday School or on the HUB.

Getting Involved:

Food: If your class, group of friends, or ministry team wants to compete by cooking chili, grilling meat, or making a dessert, we’ll reimburse up to $50 per competing team. (300 servings needed)

Set Up/ Clean Up: Put out tables, trash cans, chairs, etc.

Parking: Get people where they need to go

Registration: Help admin judges and attendees 

Monitors: Man the playground and bounce houses

Hosts: Welcome people and be a pal!

The Car Show is from 12:00 - 4:00 January 26, 2020.