Deacon Update #1

First steps in transition


Robert Carter's Last Day as our Senior Pastor was December 1st. He served at Colonial Hills for 27 years, and he impacted so many lives - not one of us doesn't miss him greatly! Robert felt the Lord's leading to a new season as a chaplain with East Texas Hospice. We hope to use this platform to keep you updated as we transition and find a new Lead Pastor.

The Pastors and Deacons are living by faith and the By-Laws

In great wisdom, the authors of our constitution and by-laws outlined what process the church should follow when we find ourselves without a Lead Pastor. The Deacons are the quarterbacks and the linebackers in this scenario.

They are tasked with filling the pulpit in the absence of a primary pulpit minister; with finding a temporary consistent preacher; and organizing the church into filling a Lead Pastor Search Team.

#1-Pulpit Supply

The deacons have approved a list of preachers who are connected to Colonial Hills and have appointed Pastor to Students, Steve Alberts, to coordinate and schedule those individuals to fill the pulpit as necessary.

#2-Interim Pastor Search Team

A group of deacons have been tasked with finding the right person to be a mainstay in the pulpit for the duration of not having a pastor. They're utilizing resources from across our denomination, our association, and other Baptist resources to meet the needs of the church body in transition.

#3-Lead Pastor Search Procedures Team

The main task before the Deacons is to put together a search team to find God's man for Colonial Hills. Their first step is to identify exactly what the process is given in the By-Laws. In early January, the Deacons will call for the church to submit nominations for that search committee. More information on the exact details are forthcoming in later updates.

What you can do

We encourage you to make Colonial Hills your home by fellowshipping in a Sunday School class, serving on a team, and getting to know people.

You can learn so much about the Scriptures and the people around you in a weekly class. They really can open your eyes to the greatness of who God is. Secondly, Colonial Hills is run by ministry teams staffed with people just like you.

A hotel is where your bed and dinner are made for you, but family Thanksgiving and Christmas mean you put your own paper plate in the trash. Because no one's washing dishes.