Internship Application


Family Ministry Intern Job Description

Colonial Hills Baptist Church

7330 S Broadway Ave

Tyler, TX 75703


 The purpose of the internship is to benefit both the local church and the intern. For the intern, it is a chance to gain experience in ministering to families that attend Colonial Hills Baptist Church. It is also a chance to develop spiritually as they work with the staff and members of Colonial Hills. For Colonial Hills, it is an opportunity to assist both the Children’s Minister and Student Pastor in planning and implementing activities, developing relationships, and disciple the children & youth of Colonial Hills.

We are interested in hiring 2 people for this position, and we prefer to hire 1 male and 1 female.

Job Description:  

·      Assist in the planning/execution of Sunday morning activities in the Children’s Ministry

·      Assist in the planning/execution of Wednesday evening activities in the Student Ministry

·      Assist in the planning/implementation of children & youth events outside of Sunday morning and Wednesday nights

·      Mentor youth & children by attending activities or meeting with youth outside of regularly scheduled program time

·      Attend staff and mentoring meetings

·      Use allocated ministry budget for planning an activity for our Family Ministry


·      Must have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ

·      Passion for working with children and students to help them develop an authentic faith

·      Ability to work in a team setting

·      Preferred completion of at least 1 year of college

·      Have your own transportation to and from the church

·      Flexibility to adapt to the changing needs of the church and its members

·      Willingness to visit students outside of church activities (attend games, performances, etc.)


·      $240/week for 12 weeks

·      ~ 15 – 20 hours per week

·      Shared Ministry Budget of $600 ($300 per ministry)

·      Expenses paid for scheduled trips, events & activities


           To apply, please submit the online application below.      

           For questions, please email

                                   Jeremy Deimund, Student Pastor at, or

                                   Susan Bumpas, Children’s Minister at