Marriage Ministry

Three Strands Ministry


Three strands ministry is committed to helping couples build stronger marriages that Glorify Jesus.

  • Build stronger families, churches and communities.
  • Disciple husbands and wives.
  • Support stronger ministries.

What we do

Workshops and classes that:

  • Provide a biblical perspective of marriage.
  • Set realistic expectations of marriage.
  • Help couples understand the differences between genders.
  • Improve communication skills.

Premarital coaching/discipleship for marriage preparation.

  • Coaching for improved marital relationships and early intervention when problems arise.
  • (Referrals for professional counseling, as needed.)
  • Retreats for recreation and intense study.

Special events that celebrate the beauty and blessing of marriage.


I have a strong marriage, why should I attend a workshop?

Strong marriages are formed by a commitment to ongoing growth. A wise person invests their time in understanding God’s plan for their marriage and improving their marriage skills. Workshops and studies are a great way to sharpen these skills.

What about confidentiality?

Your discussions are completely confidential. No information is shared with other members of the church or the pastoral staff unless you give us permission to do so.

Is childcare available?

Childcare can be arranged for workshops and studies held at the church. Ask about childcare when signing up.

Upcoming Events and Other Resources

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