The Colonial Hills Baptist Church Mission Team utilizes the resources of the church to create opportunities for the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to be shared to the ends of the Earth.

The Mission Team allocates funds to Christian organizations, in the Tyler area (our Jerusalem), in the state of Texas (our Judah), in North America (our Samaria), and the world (the ends of the Earth). The team researches, interviews and questions multiple organizations to determine ways we can support their ministry through funding or active participation.

The Mission Team proposes and plans mission outreaches to; reach people groups throughout the world with the Gospel, help people in need recover from devastating disasters, and sends teams to support other churches with, construction needs, training, and ministry programs.

Additional responsibilities of the Mission Team include; Evangelism training using the F.A.I.T.H curriculum, and promoting the SBC mission emphasis for; the Lottie Moon Christmas offering supporting International Missions, Annie Armstrong Easter offering supporting North American Missions, and Mary Hill Davis in September supporting Texas Missions. Colonial Hills Baptist Church supports the SBC cooperative program with 30% of the CHBC mission budget.

Current Ministries Supported by Colonial Hills Baptist Church Mission Giving:

Jerusalem (Tyler)

● Bethesda Health Clinic

● Breckenridge Village

● Hand Up Ministries

● Habitat For Humanity (Tyler)

● Kingdom Life Academy

● Meals On Wheels

● Refuge of Light

● Smith County Baptist Association

● C.A.R.E. (Christ Centered Abortion Recovery and Education)

● Salvation Army of Tyler

● Smith County Chaplain Emergency Response Team

Judah (Texas)

● One Church, Marshall Texas

● Pastors’ Hope Network

● Christ is Life Ministries: Bill Loveless

Samaria (North America)

● GuideStone/Mission Dignity

● SBC Cooperative Program

● Northwoods Baptist Association, Northern Minnesota and Wisconsin, (20 churches)

Ends of the Earth (International)

● Student International (Santiago, Dominican Republic)

● SBC International Mission Board (IMB) Unreached people group Central Asia

● Slavic Gospel Association: Belarus

● Wycliffe Bible Translators: (Andy Weaver)

● Crossworld USA/China

Proposed Mission Outreaches for 2021:

● Central Asia March 2021 (11days)

● Santiago, Dominican Republic, June 2021 (High School students, Parents, and student leaders)

● Minnesota Missions, June 2021 (Location and dates TBD)