Our Vision

That all may experience the love of God!

We formed a Vision Team in August 2016 to help guide the next steps of the church, specifically in regard to using the proceeds from the Salt Grass land sale.

In February of 2017, we formed a team and began to meet. Our team had church members of all ages and backgrounds. We formed sub groups to study different ministry needs and engaged about forty people in the process. We met for a day and a half in August of 2017 with Brian Brandt of Core Insights. This meeting served as the starting point for the Strategic Plan that was formalized by church vote in December of 2017.

In 2017, we decided to budget $800,000 to further the ministry of the church. We held 5 Wednesday night meetings in August and September to present the recommendations and prepare the church to vote on them. When the church voted in December, it was near unanimous!

The next year our Vision Team focused on eleven key initiatives that encompassed creating new ministry teams, educating our congregation, engaging our senior adults, and several other areas. We saw great success throughout the course of the year and have regrouped in 2019 to have dedicated focus on just the five areas of: establishing the college ministry, monitoring our success matrix, succession planning for paid staff, reaching 25-35 year olds, and strengthening our programming for our senior adults.

This process has helped us realize our vision as a church, our mission as a group of believers, and the core values that make us who we are. We hope you'll join us as we love people by sharing the TRANSFORMED life in Christ.


Our ministry involvement has increased from less than 8% to 39% of our regular attendance. That means there are 175 people serving on almost 30 teams at Colonial Hills.

We've created two new discipleship opportunities off-campus for those who have trouble making it to Sunday School. Those small groups meet in people's homes throughout the week.