Planning Center

Here are the different modules for Planning Center and how they're being used at Colonial Hills! You may or may not have access to all of these based on your level of ministry involvement.

People (Blue)

People is the personal information database for CHBC. It has contact information for everyone, has families set up as households, and gives people the option to update that information for themselves. The information in People is available in the different modules mentioned below.

Resources (Orange)

Resources is primarily for staff and ministry leaders as we manage and organize events and ministries on campus. This is the campus calendar for when rooms and tools are being used. It is a drag and drop platform that allows for users to choose their time, date, event, and the "resources" needed for it.

Groups (Yellow-Orange)

Adult Sunday School classes, seasonal classes, and Connect Groups are managed through Groups. This platform allows for leaders to take attendance, upload study materials, and communicate with their class members from one platform. An email is automatically sent from the system to the leaders 10 minutes before their events start, prompting them to take attendance.

Check-Ins (Purple)

Check-Ins is the platform families use to log their kids into their classes every Sunday morning. Parents search by name or telephone number, choose the children being logged in, and choose to confirm their attendance. The system will now print off a security and name tag label to identify them and keep them safe.

This module records attendance for those 0-18 years of age. Volunteers also check-in through this platform.

Services (Green)

Services is the platform that the fewest people will use. This is exclusively for those involved in making Sunday Services happen, from media to sound design to musicians. It organizes the volunteers and technology, so our Sunday mornings run smoothly.

Registrations (Blueish)

This module is for event registrations. Details and questions are customizable, payments can be accepted, and the attendees can be emailed en masse. When a ministry has an event scheduled, its leaders can be made "event managers" and have access to the guest list.