Student's Ministry

Equip. Engage. Encourage.

Our youth group consists of 7-12 grade students from schools from all around the Tyler area. We constantly stress that as a group of students, we are a part of the entire church here at Colonial Hills and are also a part of the universal Church on earth. We also believe ourselves to a be family; this means that just like a normal family, sometimes we can bug each other, but at the end of the day, we are still family and love one another.

Our purpose is to Be One, Make One; this means to Be a disciple of Jesus, while Making disciples of Jesus. Students are not given a “junior-varsity” or teenager Holy Spirit, but instead as being in Christ, they are fully equipped and empowered to fulfill the Great Commission to Make disciples of all nations; this includes the world, our nation, state, city and even schools, families, and neighborhoods.

Our focus is to get students to experience the fullness of knowing Christ by sharing their faith with others; this means to Be missionally minded everywhere they go. A phrase that we try to keep close is “Student Ministry is not Student Ministry until Students are Ministering”. With this in mind we try to get students to understand that they already have everything that they need in Christ to Make disciples, share their faith and ultimately to know the fullness of following the Lord.

We're meeting at a different house every Wednesday night of the summer! That means no on-campus events on Wednesday nights for June and July.

We'd love for you to join us! Send us a message below to get the address for this week.

Reach out!