Upward Sports

Upward develops kids spiritually, mentally, socially, and physically!

What makes Colonial Hills Upward program different?

The goal of Upward Sports is to help encourage and develop your children into better all-around people, not just better players, and to teach the importance of sportsmanship to our individual players. Upward is well structured and organized to provide you and your children a safe and solid foundation in which they can grow spiritually and learn sport specific skills. We currently offer Soccer from August to the end of October and Basketball from January through the end of February. The time constraints are fair with only one practice during the week and games on Saturday for an 8 week season. The time spent with peers and other family members create lifetime memories and an atmosphere that is encouraging and helpful. End the season with an Awesome Trophy celebration and cheer your child on as we celebrate their spiritual and Athletic growth!

Our Sports

Our seasons last eight weeks, and the leagues are as follows:

Soccer (August - October)

Basketball (January - March)

Our Team

Upward Director - Jeremy Deimund

It has been a tremendous opportunity for me and my beautiful family to serve this Ministry. It has truly changed my life and the way my children see not only me, but how God works amongst us daily. Our children are the future and what better way to minister to them than through Sports, an avenue to Christ. We look forward to serving you and your children in this Awesome ministry! You can always contact me at jeremy@colonialhills.com

Find many of your answers about UPWARD at www.upward.org