Watch Party

What is a Watch Party?

A Watch Party takes a video from Facebook and makes it a joint viewing session with live chat. The host controls the video's movement (pause, stop, rewind, fast forward), and everyone follows along. It also allows for conversation during the viewing. Hosts have to be careful because leaving the page can pause the video for everyone, so it's best to start the Party from a laptop or desktop, not a phone.

Those are the mechanics, but a Watch Party is your opportunity to share God's word with the people with whom you're virtually connected. We produce the service and the content, you connect people to it. Watch Parties make you Online Missionaries!

How To Get Started

Creating Your Watch Party

To create a watch party from a video:

  1. Find the video you want to create a Party, click Share at the bottom.
  2. Click Start a Watch Party.
  3. If you'd like to add other videos to your watch party, click Add Video in the bottom right. You can search for a video or click a category (example: Watched, Live, Saved, or Suggested) to view additional videos.
  4. Click Add to Queue next to any videos you'd like to add to your watch party, then click Done.
  5. You can choose to add a description for your watch party, then click Post.

Once you're in the watch party you can add friends to watch with you.

While You're In Your Watch Party

Once your watch party starts, you can:

  • Click Add Video to add additional videos to the queue.
  • Click Add Co-Host to add an additional host to your watch party.
  • Click  Invite in the bottom left to invite people to your watch party. Any people you invite will receive a notification that they've been invited to join your watch party. When someone joins, you'll see their profile picture in the bottom left of your screen.
  • Click Write something... on the right to chat with others who are in the watch party with you. You can click to add emojis, GIFs, photos or videos to your comments.

To end your watch party, click  in the top right of the video, then click End Watch Party.

After Your Watch Party Ends

Once you finish your watch party, a recap will be saved on your timeline as a post, which will show all videos watched during the party along with any comments that were made.