Worship At Home

Worship At Home

The last few weeks have shifted our lives quite significantly! One commentator said the US has come to a grinding halt - I bet we feel the grind more than the halt. Work is still necessary, but offices are closed, kids are home, recreation is unreachable. It is a unique and potentially frustrating season indeed.

Let’s shift our thinking, if we can: what if this is God pushing pause on the world, so we can focus on what’s most important? Sports are canceled, work is delayed (for some), trips are postponed, and we are left with nothing but ourselves, our families, and the Living God to focus on.

So what would that look like?

Worship with the Church

Colonial Hills’ first week of live streaming didn’t go well. Everything on our end was operating at peak performance, but so was a whole hoard of other churches’. The streams couldn’t handle the influx of traffic. Week two will be different, we’re recording a day early and posting at normal service times. That said, JOIN US ONLINE at 8:30 or 11:00!

God uses the preaching of the Word by his pastors and the songs of his people to remind us of how great he is. It’s crucial and a staple we’ve had since Jesus left his disciples for his throne in Acts 2. Meeting together is what makes us the “body” of Christ; our gathering is corporeal and allows us to benefit from one another’s giftings. 

While we’re hindered in that regard, we encourage you to watch along with us on Facebook or Youtube. Bring your prayers and your amens and your comments as we sing together but afar, and sit under God’s powerful Word. 

Here are a few tips:

  1. Have a Bible Open - Whether you’re worshipping alone or with your family, it’s most helpful to have God’s Word open as he speaks to us through his pastor for us.
  2. Have a Journal Handy - Be ready to take notes. Write down who is preaching, the date, the passage of Scripture, and follow the flow of the sermon and record main ideas and what God is teaching his people.
  3. Ask Questions - During the sermon and afterward ask questions like: (1) What are we learning about God in this passage? (2) What does he want for us in this passage? (3) What did I not understand?
  4. Sing and Pray - The right response to God revealing who he is is worship! We worship God by calling to mind and saying how great he is, but also by casting our cares on him and trusting his goodness.

Dinner Psalms

Anxieties and frustrations are running high across the nation, and maybe even in our homes. Those feelings and emotions shed onto our little people. They forget little and absorb much. The best thing we can do for them and ourselves is to be recentered on God’s Word, to be buttressed by his truth. There we find that he’s the God of all comfort, our Deliverer, our very present help in times of need, that we can go nowhere where he is not, and that he gave up his Son to death for our forgiveness. 

We can’t encourage reading the Psalms enough. They’re short (generally), insightful, real, and reflect the heart of someone after God. These prayers and songs can be encouraging to us in times of uncertainty.

If you find yourself with God’s hymnbook after dinner, the process is easy: read, pray, and sing.